for heating technicians

An in-depth almanac which exhaustively illustrates the conceptual aspects of heating systems, dealing with the design aspects of heating circuit sizing, balancing and regulation.


COMPENDIUM OF HYDRAULICS Vol. 2 (Italian version)

for heating technicians, with elements of ventilation

Not just ventilation, but also in-depth looks at usage breakdown and measurement systems, heat generators, insulation, expansion systems and commissioning.



Indoor temperature regulation

Temperature regulation covered from the perspective of the legislative framework, with in-depth analysis of temperature regulation techniques and the correct use of thermostatic valves.


FOCUS ON 02 (Italian version)

Underfloor (radiant) heating systems: legislative and technological developments (case study)

The current situation for underfloor heating systems, in light of recent legislative and technological developments. With a case study looking at the sizing of a system.


FOCUS ON 03 (Italian version)

Balancing in direct heat metering systems

This third issue focuses on heat metering systems, an issue being widely discussed since the introduction of Directive 2012/27/EU of the European Parliament, which introduced a requirement to install temperature control and heat cost allocators in buildings with central heating.