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Ivar Publishing: education and technical culture

Ivar Publishing was born in January 2018 as a spin-off of IVAR SpA with the aim of encouraging the drafting of technical texts, of publishing them and of promoting the dissemination of high-level technical culture.

Compendia of hydraulics for heating technicians

Useful tools dedicated to designers and heating technicians to be consulted as needed now that the plant technology requires increasingly sophisticated skills and a timely and thorough technical preparation. A collection of technical documentation that responds quickly and easily to questions on the thermo-hydraulics.

Focus ON magazines

Monographic publications of vertical analysis on current and articulated technical themes. Focus ON offers the opportunity to go into the details of complex aspects and to observe the point of view and the interpretations of authoritative experts in the sector.

“Culture is the only good of humanity which, if shared, rather than diminishing becomes greater.”

Hans Georg Gadamer

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