IVAR Publishing: technical knowledge and education

IVAR Publishing was founded in 2018 as a spin-off of IVAR SpA, with the goal of aiding in the drafting and publishing of technical texts and promoting the spread of high-level technical knowledge.

Compendium of Hydraulics for Heating Technicians

Useful tools for heating technicians and designers for consultation when required, now that plumbing technology requires an ever-more sophisticated skill-set and thorough, up-to-date technical preparation. A collection of technical documentation which simply and quickly meets the needs of heating technicians.

Focus ON magazines

Publications that offer an in-depth insight into one current technical issue at a time. Focus ON is an opportunity to go into the details of complex issues and to understand how respected experts from the sector see and interpret them.

“Culture is the only human asset that, when shared,

gets larger rather than getting smaller.”

Hans Georg Gadamer


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