for heating technicians

An in-depth almanac which exhaustively illustrates the conceptual aspects of heating systems, dealing with the design aspects of heating circuit sizing, balancing and regulation.



for heating technicians, with elements of ventilation

Not just ventilation, but also in-depth looks at usage breakdown and measurement systems, heat generators, insulation, expansion systems and commissioning.



Indoor temperature regulation

Temperature regulation covered from the perspective of the legislative framework, with in-depth analysis of temperature regulation techniques and the correct use of thermostatic valves.


FOCUS ON 02 (Italian version)

Underfloor (radiant) heating systems: legislative and technological developments (case study)

The current situation for underfloor heating systems, in light of recent legislative and technological developments. With a case study looking at the sizing of a system.


FOCUS ON 03 (Italian version)

Balancing in direct heat metering systems

This third issue focuses on heat metering systems, an issue being widely discussed since the introduction of Directive 2012/27/EU of the European Parliament, which introduced a requirement to install temperature control and heat cost allocators in buildings with central heating.



FOCUS ON 04 (Italian version)

The prevention and control of legionellosis in sanitary systems

The goal of this FOCUS ON is to offer a general framework on the prevention and control of legionellosis in sanitary systems, helping professionals who deal with the design or maintenance of technical plants.